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We are committed to offering a range of solutions. This includes Outsourced Payroll and Access Control. Now you can shift your focus from administration to your core business.

Did you know that payroll & bookkeeping services are functions most organisations wish they could outsource? The good news is that professional services like these are becoming more affordable. This means companies like Contraserv can take the pain out of much business admin therefore freeing up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.


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Our Services

Contraserv specialises in outsourced payroll solutions as well as the implementation and support of time and attendance hardware, software and access control systems.

Our comprehensive selection of business services are aimed at assisting business owners in a specific sphere of business management. Consequently, Contraserv is uniquely positioned to assist you, the business owner, with ensuring the basics are taken care of at all times.

Outsourced Payroll Services

Contraserv offers a range of payroll services including consulting, processing, reconciliation, payslips, leave management, and HR data maintenance.

We specialize in leave management, third-party reconciliation, returns, preparations and declarations. Our payroll solutions also include processing EMP201, EMP501, COID and reporting with a high level of accuracy.

With the modern business world becoming more and more competitive, many organisations are looking to improve their bottom line by reducing costs wherever they can. While cost-cutting crusades should never affect the quality of their product or service offering, there are ways a business can benefit financially from re-structuring the way in which they handle their administrative tasks. One such way is to outsource the payroll function, something a full-time HR/payroll person has traditionally seen to.

Time & Attendance Software – Jarrison Time

We offer Jarrison Time, a comprehensive, locally-developed time & attendance solution to help businesses save time, lower costs, and streamline processes.

Whether you need a standard card access system, or a fully-fledged biometric access system we have you covered. Options include vein, facial and fingerprint access systems. We’re able to facilitate the entire process, from supplying the system through to installation, training and going live.

Offering a range of Biometric Systems  (Fingerprint, Palm, Vein or Face recognition) and card readers to fit your company’s specific requirements, as well as Card and Printer Consumables. We offer turnkey solutions from supply, through installation, training, live and ongoing support. We supply various Software and Hardware platforms, as well as integrated Access Control with Time and Attendance – managed from a single SQL database!


We are dedicated to effective delivery of core business services and products.


We strive to build relationships with each of our valued clients.


Our goal is to partner with businesses and provide cost effective and efficient solutions.

Our Credentials

We’re a Sage One certified accounting advisor as well as a Certified Payroll Practitioner (CPP) and we are affiliated with SAPA (South African Payroll Association). Contraserv is also a member of SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Professionals). As a business services partner, we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure accuracy, effectiveness, and complete compliance therefore guaranteeing client satisfaction.

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