Time & Attendance Hardware

Below are some of the hardware we sell and support:

ZK F22

Ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal

ZK IN01-a

Time Attendance with Access Control

ZK F17

Access Control
Biometric Fingerprint Device

ZK K30

Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal

Morpho Sigma +

Access Control
 and Time & Attendance Fingerprint Station

Morpho Sigma Lite

Slim and Powerful Fingerprint Access Terminals

ZK F18

Biometric Access Control Terminal

ZK S922

Mobile Time & Attendance Terminal

ZK MB700

Access Control Multi-Biometric Device

ZK Silkbio-101TC

Multi-Bio Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

Suprema Biolite Net

IP based Outdoor Fingerprint Terminal

Suprema Facestation 2

Smart Face Recognition Terminal

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