Security Solutions

As a business owner, you want to make sure that your investments are protected against losses. You also want to extract full value from any further asset spend.

Surveillance Systems

Well placed IP cameras (surveillance systems) can reduce malicious damage to assets, reduce theft, and increase accountability in several areas. These include improvements in productivity, attendance levels, and levels of customer service. Other uses are in the areas of critical equipment maintenance, production monitoring, fault monitoring and in hazardous areas.

In addition to the above, IP cameras can deter unauthorised entry into your business premises. This benefit can be reinforced with an overall solution – by installing an access control solution to provide a physical barrier to entry.

Electronic Access Control systems are widely used in a dual function, as a Time and Attendance device – follow this link to find out more!

ConTraServ offers a range of options to cover you and your business. From individual to packaged turnkey solutions. Contact us for more details and a free quotation!