ConTraServ offers a comprehensive resellers program, either as a turnkey offering or as a collaborative offering. Resellers will find businesses and organisations in need of our business services, ConTraServ will supply and install the systems, and the reseller will receive a competitive commission. Find out more about our ConTraServ resellers offering below, and if you’d like to partner with us as a reseller in South Africa – connect with ConTraServ today!

Turnkey Offering

Our turnkey reseller option involves a partnership where a reseller simply sources leads for one or more of the ConTraServ business solutions. Successful leads are rewarded on a commission basis.

Collaborative Offering

The collaborative reseller option is suited to companies with the knowledge and skills to install systems like those offered by ConTraServ. A reseller will source the lead, supply and install the hardware, and ConTraServ will step in to facilitate the software element of the system in question.

Hardware Supply

ConTraServ offers biometric hardware to its resellers at competitive rates! Contact us to find out more about our hardware supply service.